Forgiveness is to let go of the past, never talk about it and never think about it again.  If we can forgive someone like God forgives us, we will have more intimacy with God.  Usually when people mistreat us, they actually don’t know what they are doing.  We need to give mercy to the others as we ourselves need a lot of mercy too.


Author: Rhoda

I feel enthusiastic to share my passion in mindfulness with my little daughter and everyone around me. I write this blog for everyone who loves their lives and who would like to look into it deeply with me.

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness”

  1. It’s easy to forgive the small things. I think if we become more aware of impermanance, then it may be easier to forgive the bigger ones.

    I just read about the 17 year old Laotian girl whose body was sliced in half by a brand new speeding Porche in Pathum Thani, and I wonder if her parents can forgive the driver or owner of the car who has taken no responsibility for the accident or death, saying that the car was stolen.

    How much courage and strength it must take to be able to forgive someone like that?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. It is very difficult to forgive indeed. And I am still learning. But I read many stories about some extraordinary people who manage to do this. I read a book about a true story of an African woman whose family has been burned alive by a group of policemen. Her husband said before he died, “forgive them as they don’t know what they are doing.” A few years later, these policemen were charged with murder qt the court. This African woman told the judge to let her speak to the murderers. She said, “I just want to let them know that I forgive them. My family has suffered enough. I don’t want anyone to suffer anymore. I want to give them the rest of my love and hug them.” As she approach the murder, he fainted in the court. We always think that forgiving someone who mistreats us is doing a favor for that person. However, we are actually doing ourselves a favor.

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