Eating Cycle

I just read an interesting book written by a French doctor specializing in anti-aging.  He is the consultant of Andy Lau, Joey Yong, Jet Li and a few other movie stars.  I followed his advice for about 2 weeks.  I lost some fat and feel healthier.  So just want to share his tips with you.

He said our body’s organs functions according to a fixed time schedule.  If we follow this schedule, our body will get rid of the waste more efficiently and we will feel more energy if we eat at the right time.

Before breakfast: Drink two cups of water

Breakfast: 7 to 9am (rich in protein, carbohydrates, vege) A big meal

Lunch: 12 – 2pm (rich in protein, carbohydrates, vege, fruit) A big meal

Tea: 4-6pm (Protein, Fruits, vege) A small meal

Dinner: 7-9pm (Protein, Vege) Small or None if you are not hungry.  Do not eat fruit.  Cut out carb if you want to lose weight.

Carbs should not be white rice or white bread.  It has to be whole-grain.  Protein should be lean meat and fish rich in Omega 3/6 are the best, like Salmon, Saba, etc.

I feel more energetic in the morning when I wake up.  He said it is because our kidneys do not have to work as hard at night if we eat less in dinner.  And I don’t feel starved all the time.

I hope you will try it out too.



4 thoughts on “Eating Cycle

    1. Rhoda

      Very good question. That French doctor said fruits are full of sugar and carbs. With our lower metabolism rate in the evening, fruits will make our body accumate fat. However this is just his opinion.

      Dr McKeith from You are what you eat said we should have fruit 30 minutes before or two to three hours later than our meal. She didn’t say that we cannot have fruit at night. She said fruit can be digested within 30 minutes easily by our body. if we eat fruit right after the meal, the fruit will get stuck with other food in the stomach and created gas in it. Hence it is better to eat it before the meal or after most of our food has been digested.

    1. Rhoda

      Yes, me too. I try to eat more rice in the morning and afternoon. I eat less carbs at night. But I do exercise every evening now. Sometimes I just need to eat more rice at night. 🙂

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