Lotion Mask

I tried this technique recommended by Chizu Saeki’s Skin Revolution. Saeki is a very famous beauty consultant and tranining manager of Dior. I did this for a week during my honeymoon in Thailand. It makes my skin moist and clear. While I got sunburn in Korea, it helps me to recover in three days! This mask is cheap and as effective as SKII mask.

It’s very simple. Buy a bottle of NARSskin Hydrating Freshening Lotion, 100% cotton pads and a shower cap.
1. Wet a cotton pad with water and lightly sqeeze out the water.
2. Saturate the pad with a quarter-size amount of lotion.
3. Pull the pad apart into five thin layers. It should be easier to split the layers in the direction that the fibers run. About 3 layers.
4. Stretch each layer and place them onto the face.
5. Cut breathing holes and holes for the eyes and mouth.
6. Put a shower cap with breathing holes to increase the effect.
7. Wait for 3 mins and remove everything.


3 thoughts on “Lotion Mask

    • Thank you for your comment. I only tried the hydrating lotion produced by NARS. It is a gel type lotion with a small percentage of alcohol. But I think the hydrating mask of Clinique may work too. I have never tried that though.

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