Frustrating Skin Allergies

I just talked to my friend, who has similar type of skin as mine. She suggested two kinds of products that can help dry and sensitive skin.

1. Aqua Balm – available in Watson’s. Spray on your skin whenever the rash comes. It helps to sooth the skin fast.
2. Salt Solution – available in Pharmacy. Pat onto the skin that is dry and inflammed and wrinkled. It helps to cure the swollen skin and sooth the wrinkles.

I myself has some other suggestions for daily care.

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Put on hydration serum and suncream whenever you go out. If the suncream is too thick, mix well with normal mositurizer before putting on.
  • Drink more than 8 glasses of water a day for dry skin ppl.
  • Warm the moisturizer or serum in the centre of your palm before putting on (suggested by Chizu San). It helps to double the product’s effectiveness.
  • Warm the moisturizer on your face with your palms after putting on for easy absorption
  • Clean your hands frequently to clear dust mites or bacteria, especially after touching keyboards, cell phones or books. Try not to use soap only if they’re really dirty
  • Cover your pillows and mattress with anti-mites covers
  • Do not overwash your face (actually for both dry skin and oily skin ppl). Twice a day is more than enough. BUT clean your face carefully, especially around eyes and mouth.
  • Hydration serum, night cream and eye cream at night is a must

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