Fear Vs Love

Love never fails

I am reading a very inpiring book called The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love by Susan Jeffers.  She compares a fear-based attitude with a love-based attitude.  I think this gives me inspiration about how to have a healthy attitude in our relationships.

Fear causes to protect ourselves. Love requires us to become ‘safely vulunerable’, in the knowledge that we can handle whatever happens.

Fear is rigidly holding on in desperation.  Love is relaximg and letting love flow.

Fear causes us to close our hearts.  Love is about opening our hearts.

Fear causes us always to put ourselves first. Love is knowing when and how to put our loved one first.

Fear creates judgment.  Love creates compassion.

Fear creates blame.  Love requires that we take charge of our thoughts and actions and change what doesn’t work for us.

Fear creates anger, discord and coldness between sexes.  Love creates a feeling of harmony, warmth and love.


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