Miso Soup in the Morning

Miso soup

Japanese has the longest life expectancy in the world. On average, Japanese women live until 85 yrs old and men live until 78. Whereas American women live until 80 yrs old and men live until 75 yrs old. Not only that Japanese live longer, they also live healthier. Japanese has the longest healthy time in their life and they spend the least on health insurance. (quote from Japanese women won’t get fat or old) What makes this nation so healthy?

Japanese diet is composed of mainly fish, vegetables, tofu and rice. They stress on the freshness of the food. For example, many Japanese housewives only buy food that are packaged no more than 30 mins. Yes, the packages of the food will show the time of packaging! According to Dr. McKeith from You are what you eat, miso soup is another secret in Japanese diet. But she suggested us use miso that is organic and without MSG.

Miso soup is made of soya beans and is rich in good protein. It can also help defeating cancer cells and make you feel energetic in the morning. I used to drink it evey morning when I was working in London and it made me feel good. It’s very easy to cook. I usually add two tablespoons of miso in four bowls of hot boiling water, add a few cubes of tofu and sprinkle some spring onions into it. That’s it. 😀


5 thoughts on “Miso Soup in the Morning

  1. I heard about this miso soup too, Rhoda. I am going to try to find out where to get it and how to fix it in Bangkok.

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