What is God?

Together as One

What is God?
Many Christians may think about this question as they try to understand their relationship with God. 

God is extremely mysterious. In Church, we were told that God is love. God exits everywhere and even within us. He is the ground of creation. He doesn’t have a form. God is a spirit and He works through us. God is composed of three: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It means He is a Transcendent Other. He is also personal and know all of our deepest secrets! He loves us very much but He doesn’t need our love. Well, with our human limitation, this is what we can understand and He is still mysterious.

A priest called Paul Knitter tried to explore this question and he suggested that God is actually a relational Being. He even said that God is a spirit and He cannot exist or act without the world. The world is an extension of God. He also said God is the Inter-being of everything. Every human being is connected to each other through God. Our spirits exist within God, but God is greater than all of us. 

As we realize that all of us actually belong to one, we will have compassion towards the others. Hence we can love the others as loving ourselves. When we understand this interconnectedness, we can get wisdom about life. Hence, when we are connected with the Holy Spirit through praying, we will feel the love, peace and wisdom from God. It is an interesting explanation.


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