Sunblock Everyday


What kind of sunblock is good?  Many ladies love UV lotions.  They have very thin texture and not sticky at all.  It also doesn’t give a white look on your face, which a lot of ladies hate.  Try to avoid chemical sunblock, which requires you to put it on 30 mins before you go out. Choose sunblocks that protect you from BOTH UVA and UVB rays.  SPF 30 & PA+++(i.e. UVB protection index) should be enough for everyday wear.  SPF 50 & PA +++ can be used for outdoor activities.  If the sunblock is too thick, it is good to mix it with a little bit lotion so that it can spread evenly on my face.

When do you have to put it on?  Some beauticians suggested that you should put it on your face from the morning every day. even on cloudy days.  In fact, not only your face, but also your neck and chest. UV rays are just very powerful and pervasive nowadays.  Better yet, cover your whole body with sunblock in summer.   It will be a good idea to bring a bottle of facial spray when you go out.  It has the effect of moisturizing the face and protect it from sunlight.  People who sunbathe without protection will become saggy, dull, loose and wrinkled a lot earlier than those who have protection.


3 thoughts on “Sunblock Everyday

    1. Rhoda

      It is a good point! In fact I read an article from a medical doctor. He said our eyes have sensors that detect sunlight. If they sense bright light, the brain will command more production of melanin in our skin for protection. Melanin is the thing that cause the production of black pigment in our skin. 🙂 So if we wear sunglasses, we can protect our eyes and skin.

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