True Love

true love

I read an interesting article about the definition of true love and I think it will help us love properly. The author said true love should include four elements, including loving-kindness or benevolence, compassion, joy and freedom. Loving-kindness is not only the desire to make someone happy, but also the ability to do so. We need to understand a person’s deepest troubles and aspirations in order to love this person in a right way.

Compassion is the desire and the ability to ease the pain of another person. We need to look deeply into a person’s core and his nature of suffering in order to be able to help him to change. However, before helping another person, we should take care of ourselves so that we are mentally healthy enough to do so.

Joy should be present in true love. If you cry all the time or you make another person suffer all the time, it is not really love.

Lastly, when you love, you give freedom to the person that you love. The person whom you love should feel free both inside and outside. You should ask yourself if you give enough space to your beloved one and yourself to grow.


2 thoughts on “True Love

  1. strongly agree with the view of being compassion. There won’t be real change until we learnt from our pain. True happiness won’t be given if our pain still staying in our iceburg. People always stated that the past is already passed, we shouldn’t mention about it. I firmly believed that if we are compassionate enough to each other, it helps your partner to relief their regretes and faults. An intimate relationship can be built when we can reach each other’s iceburg. True love is the fruit of empathy.

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