Knowing About Yourself Vs Knowing Yourself

“Nothing you can find about yourself is you.  Nothing you can know about you is you…  Most people define themselves through content of their lives.  Whatever you perceive, experience, do, think, or feel is content.  Content is what absorbs most people’s attention entirely,  and it is what they identify with.  When you think or say, “my life”, you are not referring to the life you are but the life that you have, or seem to have.  You are referring to content-your age, health, relationships, finances, work and living situation, as well as your mental emotional state.  The inner and outer circumstances of your life, your past and your future, all belong to the raelm of content-as do events, that is to say, anything that happens.  What is there other than content?  That which enables the content to be-the inner space of consciousness.”

“A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle


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