I got some requests from my friends about how to treat pimples. I will list some of the suggestions I read from the books, like Skin Revolution by Chizu Saeki, Beaute de University by Miss Cheung Yuk Shan and You are what you eat by Dr. Gillian McKeith.

How to prevent pimples from breaking out:
1. Get enough sleep. Start sleeping within 10pm to 2am when your liver starts working.
2. Stop drinking coffee and alcohol
3. Eat de-stress food, such as nattle tea, green tea and oranges. Drink plenty of water to detox. Don’t eat oily, deep fried and salty food that disturb your sleeping cycle.
4. Vitamin B complex is extremely effective in relaxing nerves and let you sleep well. Take it before you sleep. (from my personal experience)
5. Do not overwash yourface. This will cause secretion of more oil!
6. Clean your face thoroughly. Gel-type cleanser should be used for oily skin.
7. For prementrual breakouts, do lymph massages (the area behind your ears, sides of neck, armpits). This is to enhance the metabolism rate.
8. Use moisturizer high in water content.

When pimples break out
1. Don’t pop out the pimples with nails. Massage the area around the pimple to loosen the core. (by Saeki)
2. Soak a piece of cotton with a lotion containing alcohol and disinfect the pimple area (by Saeki).
3. OR Put vitamin A cream or sulfur powder available in pharmacy on the pimples (by Ms Cheung).
4. Some ppl say vitamin C serum helps. Not sure though.
5. Exfoliate your skin with scrub (by Saeki).
6. To avoid pigmentation, use brightening serum after the pimples are dead (by Saeki).

If the situation is uncontrollable, there maybe too much bacteria and dead cells on your skin. Usually that means your metbolism rate slows down a lot and hormonal balance is disturbed. You may need to consult with a dematologist and use antibiotics to kill the bacteria.

I will update you for more info later.


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