Workout incorrectly causes weight gain?

I keep reading Nicole’s blog about fitness and it is so interesting. She gave some really good tips about how to work out properly.

Nicole’s tips for fitness:

1. Eat enough after work out – If you don’t eat enough, let’s say for men less than 2000 calories, your body will be in starvation mode.  It will store more fat for emergency use and your muscles cannot recover.  Eat lean meat in every meal and drink protein shakes after work out.

2. Be aware of muscle exhaustion – “More than 20 total sets per muscle group, or more than 15 reps per set, may leave your muscles swollen (hence the ego-enhancing “pump”), but it will be from inflammation, not actual muscle growth.”

3. Stretch your body after work out – Stretching can give room for muscle growth and speed up muscle recovery

4. Eat at a regular time and mini-meals throughout the day – When your body goes without food for more than three hours, your metabolism rate slows down significantly.  When you eat infrequently, your body will store the food that you eat as fat.

5. Alter your work out routine – If you do the same set of exercise every day, your muscles will be more likely to burn out.  Change your routine and add more new challenges every week

6. Sleep enough – In order to get results from your workout, you need to sleep enough so that your body and your central nervous system to recover.

Check out for more information.


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