The Problem with “I”

A lot of our emotional problems come from our separate sense of self.  It seems everything related to “me” is so important.

Most people keep thinking about how to maximize “my” happiness and to achieve their ideal way of life.  But what does “my” happiness mean?  Does it mean that we can have a total control over our living conditions?  Does it mean living independently and free of worries?  If we think our happiness is the most important thing and is separate from the other’s happiness, we will eventually isolate ourselves from the others and even want to spend our lives alone.

“I” is composed of emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, perceptions and its relationship with the others.  In fact, there is no separate entity called “I”.  “I” alone cannot be happy unless “I” realize that it is interconnected with the others.  My happiness is also the happiness of the others’ happiness.

The true freedom is within ourselves, the space which no one can intervene, where we can travel through time and places.  This space is the true freedom that we have and everyone has it.  Whenever we feel lack of space or uneasy, just remember to go back to yourself and rest in this space.


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