Flood in Thailand

My house is Pathumthani has been flooded finally. We had to leave our home last Friday night. The water level is still rising rapidly. Right now there is about one-meter-high water on the street outside our home, according to the security guards.

The water level inside Thammasat University campus is also rising. The estimated water level will be about 1.5 meter high. There are now about 2500 people in the shelter on the campus. However, vans can’t get into it anymore. The buses are still running. There is a plan to evacuate the residence from the shelter if necessary. Thammasat University will be closed this week to cope with the flood.

Many students and civilian volunteers have been working day and night to rescue people from the flooded areas. They are also filling sandbags and building dams to stop the flooding. Thai people are mostly calm and helpful when they are coping with such a big natural disaster. This is something about them that I really admire.


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