What a Guy REALLY needs and Doesn’t need in a partner

LoversI read an interesting article written by one of my favorite writers, Alexander Fox.  She talked about what a man really needs and doesn’t need in a partner.  Here is what she has said.

“What a guy Doesn’t need in his life partner:

1) A teacher who corrects his mistakes.

2) A mother who spoils him

3)  A slave who fulfills his every desire

But here’s what he DOES need:

1) A lover who supports, respects, and looks up to him

2)  A lover who supports, respects, and looks up to him

3)  A lover who can take care of herself, and can very well have a fantastic life without him if necessary.

I can’t agree more.  🙂


Rainy day

Inspiration of the Day: Understanding of Non Self

A lot of our suffering comes of the existence of self, either an elevated self or a diminished self.  An elevated self causes arrogance, selfishness, pride, fear and anger.  A diminished self causes jealousy, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and isolation.

However, when we observe the causes and effects of our thoughts and emotions carefully, we may realize that all of our thoughts and emotions are preconditioned by the environment or previous actions.  Then the false sense of self, a mere creation in our mind, will disappear.  All of our suffering will disappear and bring us back to the present.

What are the main ingredients of whitening products?

Whitening Intensive Serum
Whitening Intensive Serum

Most of the whitening products in the market are actually just sun blocks. Those effective whitening products usually contain Kojic Acid, AHA, BHA and vitamin C, which can really reduce melanin or dead skin cells.

Some stronger whitening products use vitamin A or Azelaic Acid to suppress Tyrosinase, an oxidase that cause the darkening of skin. But people with sensitive skin should consult a specialist or dermatologist before using it.

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