How to improve skin elasticity

Every woman loves to have elastic, clear and bright skin.  To have elastic skin, you need to have a balanced diet that is rich in high quality protein, Vitamin B, C, K2, D, and E and zinc. I think most readers have heard a lot about the benefits of Vitamin B, C and E on our skin.  How about Vitamin K2, MK7 and zinc?  Where can we get it?

Vitamin K2 is very important in reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.  It is quite hard to get it from modern diet.  But you can find it in Japanese natto beans, goose liver, egg yolk, butter, lard, and some cheese.

Zinc is very important for building skin elasticity and the growth of hair and nails.  It is in demand 24 hours a day.  It can help repairing damaged tissues and controlling acne.  Food rich in it include beans, nuts, eggs, red meat, liver, dairy products and oysters.

Having a balanced diet is much more effective than putting on collagen products on the skin.  Our body can generate collagen in the skin naturally.  But collagen cream or serum may have other nutrients to keep the skin hydrated, which may help maintaining skin elasticity.  Gently massage or hit the skin upwards every day may also help stimulating the skin to produce collagen.


The Beauty Bible by Dr. Sze Tai Jo


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