Story about Pimples Part 2

More Information about Pimples

There are five types of pimples, including white head, black head, comedone, pustule and cyst.  Different ways should be used to handle each kind of pimples.

For white head, you can try to use a sterilized needle to gently poke it so that the oil sebum can come out. The needle has to be extremely clean, or else the wound will be infected.  If you are not confident in doing this, it is better to consult a dermatologist.

A black head is an oxidized white head.   You can use a simple black head removal tool to squeeze it out.

A comedone is caused by accumulation of oil sebum in the pores and spread to the area around it. This may cause over stimulation of the skin and make it inflamed.  Usually it is better to just leave it alone and let it heal by itself.

A  pustule is an infected comedone and the way to treat it can be the same as  white head.

A cyst is cause by complete blockage of hair follicles or perspiration ducts. It is the most severe case of pimple.  It affects deeper skin tissue and may leave scars.  Dermatologists my inject a small dose of steroids to make it shrink.

Dermatologists may prescribe Vitamin A (Isotretinin) for patients to take.  For topical medication, Vitamin A (Tretinoin) is the most effective one.  But patients will be dryer and more sensitive to sunlight when using it.

Reference:  A famous dermatologist, Dr. Sze Tai Jo



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