Magical Healing Power of Pearl

For Chinese herbalists, pearl powder is a luxurious and effective anti-inflammatory and skin whitening treatment.  Pearls are mainly culled from depths of 48 to 120 feet are found in waters of the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Mannar near Sri Lanka, Indonesia, islands in the South Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Mississippi River.  Pearl powder is rich in calcium carbonate, which can be absorbed by the skin easily.  It is also powerful and refined exfoliant, that can speed up the removal of dead skin cells.  After exfoliate treatment, the skin will glow with flawless complexion.  Moreover, it can help reducing redness and acne.

Black pearls are the rarest and most expensive kind of pearls.  In addition to the above benefits, they are rich in all kinds of essential minerals including carbon.  These are the Black Pearl Creamnatural moisturizers that help strengthening, brightening and rejuvenating our skin.

Reference: Asian Health Secrets –


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