Durian for Beautiful Skin

Some of our customers were talking about the benefits of durians yesterday.  So I think it will be interesting to look into it. Durian is a special fruit from the southeast Asia.  It is famous for its special smell and creamy texture.  In Thailand, people call it the King of Fruit because it has many benefits for our body.

Durians are rich in Vitamin C, which helps making collagen and important proteins for our blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, skin and bones.  They also help healing and repairing our skin.  So if you want to have nice complexion and tight skin, you should start including this super fruit in your diet! 

Durians help maintaining healthy bones and teeth because they have a lot of potassium.  They also have a lot of vitamin B and manganese, which regulate our appetite, reduce migraine, prevent depression and regulate blood sugar. 

If you are put off by durian’s smell, you can put it into the freezer before eating it.  It will taste like ice cream and its odor will be reduced.

Reference: http://www.articlesofhealthcare.com/1219/10-benefits-of-durian-fruit-for-body-health/



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