A Green Apple a day, keep the skin doctor away

A Green Apple a day, keeps your Skin Doctor away
Green Apples also provide countless Beauty Benefits. If you are concerned about your beauty and only prefer Organic techniques to enhance your beauty then Green Apples are your best bet.
Gr…een Apple extracts are commonly used in various commercial skin care products. Due to it’s high Vitamin content, it can help you maintain your skin complexion and actually enhance the color leaving your skin fairer.
A range of Skin diseases can be controlled by regular Green Apple diet. Common skin allergies caused by vitamin deficiency can be controlled. Last but not the least, It helps you maintain your teeth whiter and healthier
One of the most important benefits of Green Apple to be considered is, it can prevent formation of Stones in the Gall bladder and serve various liver and kidney disorders caused by frequent drinking
Smooth Apple Flesh can be applied on the skin for enhancing it’s beauty benefits and also controls the population of pimples.
Reference http://www.healthdoes.com/benefits-of-green-apples/

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