A Letter to Baby 1

babyDear Baby,

Although you are not born yet, as a mom I am already thinking how to prepare you for the future challenges. I have been preparing for your life-long journey since a long time ago.  I wish to have everything ready for you to enjoy your wonderful life.  Now you will be born in this family soon.  Dad and I are both very excited.  Although Daddy and Mummy are working so hard to create a warm and happy environment for you, there are yet many life lessons that you need to learn in order to be happy.  So I have decided to write down the life lessons that I have learned so far so that one day when you face difficulty, you will have something to refer to.

Most importantly, you need to know that Daddy and Mummy will always love you and support you no matter what happens. Enjoy reading.



30th July, 2013

(3 months old)


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