First Life Lesson: Why are we born?

baby Before you are born, I kept thinking about why I wish to have a child.  A good reason that I can think of is to contribute to the society by cultivating a good leader.  I also wish to let you know how wonderful and sacred life is.  The reason why you will be born is to improve the livelihood of the others, reduce their suffering, and enjoy your life.

Although as a mom I wish you will have all of the best things in the world, you don’t have to have a lot of things in order to be a happy person.  You don’t need to be a genius, a billionaire, or a celebrity in order to be happy.  Our life goal is not to keep acquiring more things as this will make you greedy, selfish and hence suffer.  You just need to be hardworking, wise, forgiving, generous, friendly and courageous in order to be successful in life.  When you cultivate good seeds in your mind, you will have everything that you need in your life.

This world needs a good leader desperately as many people are lost in their lives.  They need someone to show them the right way.  You can do any profession to help people as long as you work with good ethics.

Many people always ask, “Who am I?” or “What do I want?”  They think if they have more money, more fame or more love, they will find their happiness.  But this is a totally wrong approach to life because the more they get, the more they are lost.  When they get one thing, they start to think why they are still not fulfilled.  There must be something more that they need to get.  Then they fail to see that they actually have everything, which is their life itself.  One day when they are about to die, they suddenly realize that they have not treasured their life all along.  They wish that they had spent more time with their family.  They wish that they had cared for their friends more.  They wish that they had enjoyed the simple pleasure of walking in a park.  But it is too late.

So remember to live at the present fully.  Happiness is here and now.  Your life does not just belong to you.  Your life always belongs to this world.  You live for the common good of this world.  You stay healthy and happy so that you can share your goodness with the others.  When you think less about “me” or “mine”, you will find your true happiness.



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