The Sixth Life Lesson: Finding true love

Finding true love is a big lesson that everyone will learn in their life. It is something that schools will not teach, but very important for our happiness. I hope you can save yourself from heartaches in the future. These guidelines may be able to help you enjoy your relationships with the others.

Finding true love doesn’t necessarily mean finding a husband or wife. And true exist in many kinds of relationships, like between children and parents, between two friends, between a boy friend and a girl friend, etc. It is very important for us to know how to love without causing suffering.

To be truly loved by someone, we need to know how to love the others first. To love someone, we need to give that person space, the space to be oneself. We need to give that person freedom to make their own decisions and fulfill his or her destiny. We need to give that person space to relax and rest.

To love someone, we shouldn’t try to change a person. Our expectations and desires may sometimes suffocate the person whom we love. We can inspire or encourage, but never change a person unless he or she wants to change. When we try to change a person to get what we want, both parties suffer.

To love someone, we should be able to make his or her life better. Everyone gets into a relationship with the hope that their lives will be improved. We are all looking for happiness. So we need to observe if we are lifting up a person or strangling that person with our toxic emotions. If one of the parties is not happy, it is not true love.

TO love someone, we need to be able to rise above the relationship and see it from a higher angle. Relationships are just part of our life, but not everything. However, attaching to any relationship will bring suffering such as anger, fear, jealousy. Sometimes we need to detach from our loved ones a bit and get a better picture how these relationships are influencing the mind. In this way, when the relationships fail, we will not lose our perspective. Remember to broaden and enrich your life by knowing more positive people, learning different things and finding your aspirations. We can live a fabulous life, no matter what happens. Being happy is a decision, not pure luck. 🙂



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