The Nineth Life Lesson: Understanding the Reality

Mindful Mind Map

Dear Bella,

Life is a process of learning how to let go the mind and the body.  In order to be able to let go, we need to understand the reality.  First, we realize that our ideas, opinions, beliefs, values and all thoughts are just parts of the reality, but not the reality itself.  When there is some distance between our consciousness and thoughts, we will gradually see the ultimate reality.  Second, the ultimate reality is the three characteristics of things, which are impermanence and non-self that lead to suffering.

The mind and the body are the origins of suffering because they don’t last and they cannot be controlled.  Ignorance about these truths lead us to attach to the mind and body and then try to control them.  When our desire to get more and to control cannot be satisfied, we get angry.  But if we are aware of these attachments, acknowledge them and let go, we will be free from ignorance, desire and anger.  We will be at peace.

May mindfulness be with you,




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