The Eleventh Life Lesson: Gratitude


Dear Bella,

If you ask me what is the most important ingredient of happiness, I would say gratitude. I have met many people in my life who have everything, but still feel unhappy. I have also met many people who seem to have few conditions to be happy, but yet have peace in their hearts. So I know that happiness is relative. It is a matter of perspective. No condition will make us happy without gratitude.

I really mean “no condition”, not a beautiful face, not a comfortable house, not a good husband, not good kids, not a good job, etc. Who defines what is good anyway? If we don’t believe what we have is good, then nothing will be good enough for us.

We have the power to decide if we live a life filled with disappointments or gratitude. Unlimited desires from a belief of entitlement will cause disappointment. But if we appreciate the reality as it is, we will be able to find the best out of every situation. Then we won’t take the difficulties personally. There will be a distance between the mind and the situation. And we will be able to see the situation with clarity and respond reasonably.

With gratitude, every little act of kindness from the others becomes amazing. We will see the world as a beautiful place. I feel grateful that you are in my life.

May mindfulness be with you,


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