The Dance of Enlightenment

I love this blog! I find it very useful for my daily life.

Relax and Succeed

I like your blog but I don’t really have any ‘problems.’
Is there still something I can do that will help me grow spiritually?


Dear Free,

Hey, good for you! Problem-free! But did you notice your assumption? By asking “is there still…?” you’re operating from a headspace that is presuming that spiritual growth is about dealing with problems. You see it as a salve and not a dance. You’re seeing challenges as ladders and growth as gaining altitude. You’ve been taught a very linear, rising-toward-God/Enlightenment set of narratives. You imagine Enlightenment as the end of a road. It is an achievement and its objective is to stop suffering. That’s a misunderstanding, and that’s also why you definitely can grow even without “problems.”

380 Relax and Succeed - Happiness is the absence of strivingYour spirituality is not something you achieve. It’s not an answer. Nothing ends there. Mental and Spiritual Health is not something you work toward and

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