Who Am I to Say, but…

This is a good article about choosing the right partner.

The Fickle Heartbeat

After years of exploring the dating pool, I think now I kind of understand why elders tell young people to date a lot before getting married. Yeah, of course, you need to polish your list of standards, but more than that, so that when you finally meet “the one,” you’d appreciate his/her manners, understanding of your flaws, non-cheating habits, polite manners towards not just you but to everyone, maturity, common decency, and etc.

Sure, love at first sight and all the other cliché love notions are great, but after the chase and  months of sucking each others face, you kind of grow bored of admiring how beautiful he is. Then you start realizing his annoying habit of chewing with his mouth open or his obnoxious rudeness towards waiters. Fights happen, and the relationship ends. I enjoyed these fast-paced relationships in my early 20’s, as they were both exhilarating and temporary…

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