New Discoveries about Moms


After becoming a new mom, I have some new discoveries:
– There is this one person whom I love so much no matter what she does, my daughter.
– I have new respect for my mother and all other moms. How did you all get through this?
– I miss my daughter and my bed all the time.
– I have new respect for my body regardless of its shape.
– My husband has become even more manly as a dad 🙂
– I start to wonder how I spent all of my free time when I didn’t have a kid.
– Taking shower becomes so much more precious and enjoyable.
– Suddenly, a lot of strangers who are moms start talking to me on the street.
– Working has become more relaxing.
– We need to buy a more powerful camera and hard drives for new photos.
– My Facebook has been taken over by my daughter.
– My baby’s smile makes everything worthwhile.

I wish all moms enjoy the coming Mother’s Day! 🙂


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