Proclamations of Love

Thanks Scott for this wonderful article about the appreciation of our parents. I can’t agree more. I will share this with my readers.

Relax and Succeed

After school I go to my friend’s house and her Mom is always complimenting her or telling her she loves her and my Mom never says stuff like that. What’s so hard about “good job” or “I love you?”

Looking for Love

Dear Looking,

Hmm. I see your point. So then, you surely can appreciate that much more of of your Mom’s life revolves around your needs than her own, so that being the case I guess you’ve regularly told your Mom “good job,” and “I love you?” Or is there some special rule somewhere that says she has to go first?

388 Relax and Succeed - We tend to forgetI can completely understand why your ego-self would want to get verbal confirmation that your Mother loves you. Language quickly infects us with chronic insecurity. You need to hear the love symbolized in words. Weird eh? I mean, you get that the love isn’t the naming of…

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