A New Level

Before awakening, we seem to be so different from the others. No one seems to understand our suffering and we are so alone. Life is so confusing and we don’t seem to understand why people can be so mean to us. It is as if we are always being taken advantaged by the others. And we seem to be so right and the others are so wrong.

But once we realize how the mind talks us to believe in things and how we are blind from the reality, our eyes start to open. We start to patterns of behaviors and thoughts in ourselves and the others. We realize we are actually so similar to the others. We have been controlled by the conditions. People actually hurt each other without realizing that they are doing it. It’s because we are all lost in the ocean of suffering. There is no absolute right or wrong but just different perceptions. We then see our souls in the others. We are so close to each other and so similar. We share one life together. The only reasonable way to relate to each other is to be compassionate and forgiving.


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