From Conscious to Unconscious

What happens when we fall asleep? Our body will lose consciousness first and then mind follows or vice versa? When we are conscious but not at the present, the mind keeps chattering about random stories mainly fabricated by the ego. The knower in the mind occasionally arises when we do a task that is intellectually demanding or when we are awe struck by a beautiful moment. Those people who have experience in mindfulness training may have more awakened moments. But when we are about to fall asleep, the consciousness starts to get lower. The mind chattering will change gradually from storytelling to more random thoughts. When we are dreaming, the subconscious mind will start taking over. The our body will lose consciousness.

Whether we are asleep or awake, the mind is always dreaming, changing from one topic to the next. It’s just that when we are awake, we grab onto our thoughts, make stories out of them, take some thoughts very seriously and then act on them. So before we act on our thoughts, think about why we have to be so serious. 🙂


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