Planting Wholesome Seeds

We usually do something in order to get happiness. But if we constantly attach to the mind which looks for things to do, to have or to be, we cannot be at peace.

We may be happy for a while. Then the mind fabricates a new idea to do, to have or to be in order to have happiness again. It seems like happiness is a vague dream beyond our grasp.

Happiness is a reality and it can be actualized. Meditation in silence is nice in a way that it can put the mind at rest temporarily. We may feel peaceful for a while. But it is not enough. We need to plant wholesome seeds in the mind in order to give it enough power to protect the heart from negativity.

Affirmation is a good way to guard the heart and put our focus on the abundance at the present moment. This is another technique that my healer friend taught me. For example, I tried out the Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation by Deborah King on YouTube. It really helped me to build compassion towards myself and the others. As my heart is filled with compassion, fear, anger, or greed arise less. It’s kind of like light defeats the dark.

So Deborah said first sit comfortably and close your eyes. Then say “I am safe. I am happy. I am healthy. I am at peace,” in the mind. In order to bring happiness to the world, we need to be happy first. Sending loving kindness to ourselves is very affirming and
empowering. Next imagine a person who is very close to you and repeat the same sentence in the mind. After that imagine a neutral person and repeat the same sentence again. Lastly, imagine a person who has a difficult relationship with you and repeat the same sentence again.

I have been doing this every time after my formal walking and sitting meditation. It really helps starting a day with a good mood. I also find it easier to let go of any self blame or anger towards the others. Hope you will try it out. 🙂



Breaking from toxic relationships

Healers believe that people are bonded together through cords from the heart chakra. Some cords are nurturing and positive, while some are toxic. In order to break free from a toxic relationship, healers believe that they need to cut the toxic cords so that both parties can retrieve their lost energy and be free.

There are many ways to do it. One of the ways that I have learned from my friend is to visualize a person whom you have trouble getting along with as real as possible on your left. Then take a deep breathe and turn your head to the right. After that release the breathe from right to left. Do it several times until you don’t feel any negativity from this person. Then shake your head up and down a few times to cut the cords.

I am not sure if cords really do exist. But I tried it out anyway and it helped me to let go some of the negativity. I did it whenever negative thoughts about a person arose (of course in private places). This method helped me to be more aware of my thoughts and let them go in an affirmative way. I think it can be a powerful counseling technique. I strongly recommend it to those people who have lingering anger or resentment in their hearts to try it out.


Meeting a healer

I just met one of my good friends. She told me a lot of interesting spiritual experiences in her life in the past five years. Right now she is paving her way to be a healer. I am amazed by how open she is towards spirituality. It is interesting to see how my friend has evolved and manifested. I have learned from her that it is not necessary for us to confine ourselves in one particular established religion. We can adopt a nonjudgemental and adventurous way in our soul searching journey.

With my level of consciousness I can’t fully comprehend what she has experienced. The things that she has told me are still just ideas for me. But I think they are worthy of sharing.

She said she had been learning energy medicine for a while. Everyone of us has several layers of aura around us. They correspond to the chakra or energy centers inside the body. If these energy centers are out of balance, it will cause physical or mental problems. So a healer’s job is to help people balance their chakras through counseling or sometimes intervention.

She saw several levels of heaven, Angels, Jesus, masters and many other entities during meditation. She said these spiritual guides always come to guide or protect people. They don’t want to interfere with our free will, but they will help if we ask. These entities have high vibrations. But there are also some entities with low vibrations, like dark angels, hell beings and energy vampires. These low beings will attach to or even possess people with low vibrations. So the healer can help people to handle the psychic attacks.

We are spiritual beings coming here to get earthly experiences. Some souls have reincarnated many lives, but some are rainbow souls which are new ones. Soul groups are bonded by love and we come here to learn important life lessons. Sometimes souls incarnate on other planets too.

These New Age metaphysical concepts are quite fascinating. But I think the most practical things I have learned from our conversations are some visualization and affirmation techniques that I can use to instill positive energy in my mind. I will share more in details tomorrow.

Being a Parent

My little one is almost one year old. It has been an exciting and challenging year. The learning curve is steep. Every day I think about how to teach Bella to be a good person. As a parent, making sure that the little one eats well, rest well and has a lot of fun are all very important. But I think it’s important to live my life deeper so that I can guide my little one properly.

I believe we all came together in this life for a reason. We came to learn important life lessons from each other. There are some small life lessons and some major ones like forgiveness and letting go. If we just spend most of our time on indulging in pleasures, it will be a waste of time. We need to make good use of our body and mind to do some good deeds, to practice mindfulness, and to spread the love to all living things.

I have learned so much about how the mind and body work from taking care of a baby. My mood changes with the baby’s emotions all the time. When Bella cries, my muscles will be tense and the mind will be irritated. But when she giggles, I will feel relaxed and happy. So being a parent gives me a lot of opportunities to practice mindfulness. It also let me know the importance of scheduling time for meditation every day to detox my mind. A stable mind is very helpful for reducing the stress of parenthood.

My new year resolution will be to keep learning how to be a good daughter, a good mom, a good wife and a good teacher through mindfulness. What is your new year resolution?


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