Being a Parent

My little one is almost one year old. It has been an exciting and challenging year. The learning curve is steep. Every day I think about how to teach Bella to be a good person. As a parent, making sure that the little one eats well, rest well and has a lot of fun are all very important. But I think it’s important to live my life deeper so that I can guide my little one properly.

I believe we all came together in this life for a reason. We came to learn important life lessons from each other. There are some small life lessons and some major ones like forgiveness and letting go. If we just spend most of our time on indulging in pleasures, it will be a waste of time. We need to make good use of our body and mind to do some good deeds, to practice mindfulness, and to spread the love to all living things.

I have learned so much about how the mind and body work from taking care of a baby. My mood changes with the baby’s emotions all the time. When Bella cries, my muscles will be tense and the mind will be irritated. But when she giggles, I will feel relaxed and happy. So being a parent gives me a lot of opportunities to practice mindfulness. It also let me know the importance of scheduling time for meditation every day to detox my mind. A stable mind is very helpful for reducing the stress of parenthood.

My new year resolution will be to keep learning how to be a good daughter, a good mom, a good wife and a good teacher through mindfulness. What is your new year resolution?



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