Meeting a healer

I just met one of my good friends. She told me a lot of interesting spiritual experiences in her life in the past five years. Right now she is paving her way to be a healer. I am amazed by how open she is towards spirituality. It is interesting to see how my friend has evolved and manifested. I have learned from her that it is not necessary for us to confine ourselves in one particular established religion. We can adopt a nonjudgemental and adventurous way in our soul searching journey.

With my level of consciousness I can’t fully comprehend what she has experienced. The things that she has told me are still just ideas for me. But I think they are worthy of sharing.

She said she had been learning energy medicine for a while. Everyone of us has several layers of aura around us. They correspond to the chakra or energy centers inside the body. If these energy centers are out of balance, it will cause physical or mental problems. So a healer’s job is to help people balance their chakras through counseling or sometimes intervention.

She saw several levels of heaven, Angels, Jesus, masters and many other entities during meditation. She said these spiritual guides always come to guide or protect people. They don’t want to interfere with our free will, but they will help if we ask. These entities have high vibrations. But there are also some entities with low vibrations, like dark angels, hell beings and energy vampires. These low beings will attach to or even possess people with low vibrations. So the healer can help people to handle the psychic attacks.

We are spiritual beings coming here to get earthly experiences. Some souls have reincarnated many lives, but some are rainbow souls which are new ones. Soul groups are bonded by love and we come here to learn important life lessons. Sometimes souls incarnate on other planets too.

These New Age metaphysical concepts are quite fascinating. But I think the most practical things I have learned from our conversations are some visualization and affirmation techniques that I can use to instill positive energy in my mind. I will share more in details tomorrow.


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