Breaking from toxic relationships

Healers believe that people are bonded together through cords from the heart chakra. Some cords are nurturing and positive, while some are toxic. In order to break free from a toxic relationship, healers believe that they need to cut the toxic cords so that both parties can retrieve their lost energy and be free.

There are many ways to do it. One of the ways that I have learned from my friend is to visualize a person whom you have trouble getting along with as real as possible on your left. Then take a deep breathe and turn your head to the right. After that release the breathe from right to left. Do it several times until you don’t feel any negativity from this person. Then shake your head up and down a few times to cut the cords.

I am not sure if cords really do exist. But I tried it out anyway and it helped me to let go some of the negativity. I did it whenever negative thoughts about a person arose (of course in private places). This method helped me to be more aware of my thoughts and let them go in an affirmative way. I think it can be a powerful counseling technique. I strongly recommend it to those people who have lingering anger or resentment in their hearts to try it out.



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