Planting Wholesome Seeds

We usually do something in order to get happiness. But if we constantly attach to the mind which looks for things to do, to have or to be, we cannot be at peace.

We may be happy for a while. Then the mind fabricates a new idea to do, to have or to be in order to have happiness again. It seems like happiness is a vague dream beyond our grasp.

Happiness is a reality and it can be actualized. Meditation in silence is nice in a way that it can put the mind at rest temporarily. We may feel peaceful for a while. But it is not enough. We need to plant wholesome seeds in the mind in order to give it enough power to protect the heart from negativity.

Affirmation is a good way to guard the heart and put our focus on the abundance at the present moment. This is another technique that my healer friend taught me. For example, I tried out the Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation by Deborah King on YouTube. It really helped me to build compassion towards myself and the others. As my heart is filled with compassion, fear, anger, or greed arise less. It’s kind of like light defeats the dark.

So Deborah said first sit comfortably and close your eyes. Then say “I am safe. I am happy. I am healthy. I am at peace,” in the mind. In order to bring happiness to the world, we need to be happy first. Sending loving kindness to ourselves is very affirming and
empowering. Next imagine a person who is very close to you and repeat the same sentence in the mind. After that imagine a neutral person and repeat the same sentence again. Lastly, imagine a person who has a difficult relationship with you and repeat the same sentence again.

I have been doing this every time after my formal walking and sitting meditation. It really helps starting a day with a good mood. I also find it easier to let go of any self blame or anger towards the others. Hope you will try it out. 🙂



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