A Messagd for My Fellow Women

I have been listening to the love stories of many fellow women this month. All of them are so nice, gentle and kind hearted. All they want is affection and true love. Despite all of their effort, they got ignored, heartbroken or shut down. So I decided to send a message to my dear fellows.

We women are very special creatures that not many can understand. We have so much compassion, love and the ability to connect deeply, especially between a mom and a child. Our hearts are so tender and sensitive, and that’s why they are our precious assets. We got to value our hearts, protect them and remain open for more love. We open our hearts for new opportunities, but save our commitment for the one who treasures us as who we really are. When we love ourselves inside out, love from the others is just a bonus. Seize the day and pamper yourself as much as you can.

We can be the leader of hope and happiness. Then everyone will want to be part of our fabulous lives. Let this be our goal, the path of love instead of fear. I love you all. I love being a woman. 🙂


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