5 Things that Moms should do to pamper themselves

The best thing that a mom should do is to take good care of herself and stay upbeat.  As a mom, I realize that I need so much physical and mental energy to take care of my little one.  The stress from reorganizing my own life and fitting myself in a new family dynamic can get out of hand if I let negative energy accumulates.

To stay strong and happy as a mom is the best gift for the little one.  Below are just some ideas for my fellow moms to pamper ourselves.

First, have an amazing date with yourself.  Take some time off to do girly stuff, like a delicious lunch followed by spa treatment.  This will keep you sane and your identity as a girl intact.

Second, meditate regularly to put the focus back to yourself from time to time.  Our own body awareness is crucial for our health.  Sometimes we are just too busy taking care of the little one and forget to do the beauty routines.  Tension builds up in our neck and shoulders.  Meditation helps relaxing these muscles.

Third, keep a feeling journal.  Write down what feelings have been stuffed down.  Find time to reconnect with your husbands and express these feelings in a nonjudgmental way.

Fourth, stay connected with your own family and friends.  Make new friends who have just become moms.   Build a strong supportive system, but stay away  from the path of beating men up.

Fifth, have fun with your little one.  It is ok to make mistakes or be messy.  Every moment with the little one is a gift.  Have a lot of laughter and take pictures of special memories.

Happy moms will have happy kids.  🙂

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