We are free when we make choices

Every moment is a choice.  When we realize that we have the freedom to make a choice in every moment, we are free.  We cannot choose what feelings arise, but we can choose which path we want to follow.

We can choose the path of love rather than fear,

the path of forgiveness rather than anger,

the path of trust rather than suspicion,

the path of expression rather than shutting down,

the path of connectedness rather than loneliness,

the path of hope rather than despair,

the path of courage rather than apathy,

the path of letting go rather than control,

the path of gratitude rather than neediness,

the path of wisdom rather than blame.

Yet we have to experience both the bright side and the dark side of life in order to make a conscious decision.  Rori Raye calls this the soup of emotions.  She said if we stuffed down anger or sadness, we cannot experience the rest of the emotions in the soup.  But once we have experienced all of the tastes in the soup, we can distinguish the emotions better and evolve to be a stronger person.  The path of our life is paved by our choices.



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