Detox my life

Being a mom is the best time to look into my life deeply. Here are some of the things that I am working on to detox my life:

1) Repair and reconnect with family

The arrival of a new member always causes some rippling effect in a family. It’s time to communicate with my family members and clarify expectations. 

2) Detox the mind

We all got the dark side that holds a lot of unquestioned assumptions, beliefs and judgments about myself and the others in the mind. With constant reflection, we challenged these toxic patterns and free ourselves from them so that they won’t be passed to our children.

3) Detox the body

Role modeling a healthy diet is as important as modeling a healthy mind. Children are born to love natural food. I love cooking sometime that both Bella and the adults can eat.

4) Go outdoor

I used to be an indoor city girl. But my little one keeps pushing me to go outdoor. Then I realize it is actually much more fun! We got to meet more new people. We got some healthy sun tan. It is very good for Bella’s bones too. I feel much happier and refreshed after a morning walk. 

5) Love myself no matter what

No matter what other people say or how they think you should raise your kid or what mistakes you have made, love yourself no matter what my fellow moms. As long as we are trying our best to love and care for our children, we are good enough. Modeling self-love is extremely important for our children. When we love ourselves, we won’t hold our children or anyone responsible for our happiness. The people around us will have space to be themselves. 

Hope you enjoy being a mom too! 



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