Two Kinds of Inner Chatter

There are two kinds of chatter in the mind. One voice is always aggressive, enraged, complaining and dissatisfied. Another voice is always withdrawn, avoiding, suppressing and holding back. These two voices come from the fight or flight response of the amygdala in our brain. They are parts of us. You cannot turn them off because they are our self-defense mechanism.

Whenever there is stress, there will be a struggle between the two.  Sometimes they are quite useful. But the constant struggle between the two can be exhausting. Sometimes following either voice can be destructive. Those people who identify with the aggressive voice will be angry and difficult all the time. On the other hand, those who follow the withdrawn voice may tend to suppress their anger and neglect their own needs. Both paths are not healthy because we will hide our true self by being defensive. 

I am learning to get along with both voices and truly listen to both of them without taking actions. They both aim to protect but coming from fear. When we truly listen to the inner voices with love, we take charge of the mind. We accept everything about ourselves without hiding them. Then we will be at peace. 



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