Forming a habit of Meditation

I usually feel so peaceful and rejuvented after meditation. However, forming a habit of meditating on a daily basis can be hard, especially when I have to devote so much energy to care for my baby daughter.
Lately I have been trying to do mindful breathing for 10 to 15 seconds whenever I can. I am inspired by a famous therapist, Rori Raye, who is experienced in implementing mindfulness in relationships. Whenever a stressful thought arises, I will close my eyes, drop all of my thoughts down to my pelvis, take a deep breathe amd sink into my body. This method helps me becoming more aware of my own feelings.
But I feel that this kind of practice needs to combine with pattern practice, which is scheduled daily in the morning and evening for 20 minutes every session. Otherwise, the body and the mind will not have enough power to concentrate and distant itself a bit from the stress.
One of the App called Stop, Breathe and Think really motivates me to practice daily. I just love the sticker that I’ve got after some sessions. I feel funny that I still love stickers even though I am already 35!
Do you have any tips for cultivating a daily meditation habit too? Please share your ideas with me.


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  1. I have a “mindfulness bell” app on my phone. Everytime i hear the bell, it reminds me to examine my mind and body and my awareness.

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