The Seventeenth Life Lesson: Dating beyond 30s

Dear Bella,

It is really never too late to get married. In my generation, the Asian culture is much more liberal. However, many women including myself have been under some pressure from the people around us or the society that getting married before 30 years old is crucial. Some people say that the body clock of women is clicking or some will say your attractiveness for men diminished after 30. 

The truth is it doesn’t matter how old you are, there will always be men available. But if you have the mentality of desperation, your self esteem will diminish. This mentality is not good for finding the right partner because you will invite bad treatment. I will never want you to be in such a position.

I realize that a lot of single women in their 30s are very attractive. Most of them have established a stable career. They have been dating for quite a while and have some idea what kind of men is suitable for them. They start to enjoy their life as singles more, which puts them in a much better mentality to find the right one, who makes them feel warm and safe all the time. One’s attractiveness comes from the mind and the heart, nothing else. 

Enjoy every moment of your life, no matter what. 🙂





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