Uplifitng Words Vs Limiting Words

Self-talk has a major impact on our mental health. The things we keep telling ourselves may not be true. But if we hear them long enough, they will change from our expectations to reality. In order to detach from the negative self talk, we need to know the difference between uplifting words and limiting words.

Uplifting self-talk comes from the mentality of abundance, which means there is enough for everyone in the Universe.  It is encouraging, warm, hopeful, and peaceful. It help us expand our life and become more compassionate. Limiting self-talk comes from the lack mentality. It fills with anger, fear, guilt, frustration, and doubt. It puts limits on our dreams and goals. It makes us depressed and isolated from the others.

Below is a comparison between the two.

Uplifting: I feel good enough inside out.
Limiting: I will never be good enough.

Uplifting: I feel grateful for whatever happened in my life.
Limiting: Why am I so unlucky all the time?

Uplifting: I love myself no matter what.
Limiting: No one is ever going to truly love me.

Uplifting: I feel strong enough to face whatever challenge that comes into my life.
Limiting: Life is always against me.

Uplifting:  I have what I need to succeed.

Limiting: I need to be better than the others in order to succeed.

These messages can be loud and clear or they can be very subtle and just keeps running in the background. When we become aware of these self-talks, we have the power to differentiate ourselves from them and find our true voice. We can choose to play the uplifting voice more.

Can you find your true voice?



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