Bringing a change

Such a brilliant piece about changing from within. Thanks Ragini!



Change is not always external. Often we crave for change inside of ourselves or others which is more vulnerable. As we have this tendency to always point out the other person and continue blaming because it sheds our responsibility to grow and offends the other, we are the people who ourselves have brought about many stupid patterns in thought with our own negative efforts. I will be frank when I say that EGO IS WHAT IS BLOCKING OUR PERCEPTIONS and also pushing us to play small. Sometimes after all the achievement that we make outwardly, ego is a lower defeat because it BLOCKS our mentalities and when it comes to change, we are always more reputational than intuitive. Bringing a change outwardly is a magnificent task if the inner intuitive channels are not opened yet & to open them one needs to know the truth which we hear everyday, everywhere…

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