Filtering Life Experiences

At the end of a day, when you reflect on your experiences, do you recall mostly the happy memories or the disappointing memories? When you close your eyes and feel the energy in your heart, is it mainly compassion or anger?

When I am triggered by stress or fatigue, my mind will be filled with memories about how people have wronged me or how an outcome could be changed. But once I stop myself from going on the autopilot mode and breathe, as I sink into my body, all of the anger got filtered away. The core of every interaction with the others comes from the desire to love and be loved. It is true even for the unpleasant interactions that are filled with hurtful words, anger or distrust. Below the surface of all of these emotions is compassion. We are connected to each other because we want love, enjoy love and suffer from desiring things in similar ways. When we find the compassion deep inside all of our experiences, we are connected to the others. 

When we distill our experiences throuroughly, only happy memories remain. 



2 thoughts on “Filtering Life Experiences

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  1. This is a nice thought, however I anticipate it would be debated by psychotherapists. They believe that unless you identify and work through negative or traumatic events, your subconscious will manifest psychological distress. Your thinking is somewhat along the lines of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) that focuses on coping strategies and conscious re-direction when negative thoughts occur.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful input! I agree with those psychotherapists that some major traumatic events should be acknowledged and processed rather than being suppressed. At the end of the healing process though, it is important to find the compassion towards oneself and the others in order to forgive and let go.

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