The Nineteenth Life Lesson: Top 10 Qualities of A Good Man

Dear Bella, 

I think the top ten qualities of a good husband should be the same as those of a good boyfriend. So I’d like to cut to the chase here. 

Different people may have different expectations. For me the list of qualities below are the most important ones that a good man has. There are a lot of good men in the world if you observe people carefully.  And if you have most of these qualities, there will be a higher chance for you to meet such a person. 

1) Loyalty- A good man doesn’t like to flirt with other women except you, who is the woman he loves the most.

2) Honesty- A good man has nothing to hide. He talks openly about his daily life, his plan for the future and his feelings towards you.

3) Kindness- A good man is gentle and caring towards everyone around him, including you.

4) Generosity- A good man loves to take care of you in all ways and he has your best interest in his heart.

5) Hardworking- He is passionate about his job. 

6) Integrity- He is a man of his words. He is authentic, courageous and reliable. 

7) Stability- He is mentally strong and find the best in every outcome.

8) Family-oriented- He loves his family and enjoys spending time with it.

9) Interesting- He is interesting to talk to. He has friends from various backgrounds. He is opened to different life experiences.

10) Happiness- Both of your lives can be enhanced and expanded because of your relationship. 

So basically my dearest Bella, I hope you will find a guy similar to your Dad. 🙂





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