Purpose on the Planet

I watched a video about our purpose on the planet (POP) by Phyllis Chase. She shared her story about how she found her love of life after identifying her POP. When we identify our POP, the Universe will work for us. We will be driven by passion. When we are comfortable in our own skin, that’s when our lives become amazing. As we write our POP every day, the purpose will become clearer. 

Since I was young, I have been curious about why some people can be happy even though they have a tough life. I am naturally drawn to resilient people. So most of my friends are this kind of people. I have learned from them that it is our mind that makes our life happy or miserable. We can have everything in the world but feeling depressed, or we can have little but feel content every day.

My POP is to lift up people, to help people out of suffering. I feel compassionate to help anyone who is depressed because of the self-inflicted suffering from the mind. I know that it cannot be done by reasoning. Wisdom can only be cultivated by observing the body and the mind. Permanent change has to come from the heart. I hope I can educate a more resilient and consciousness new generation. 

So what is your POP? 

Reference of picture: http://www.visionquestconsilting.com


10 thoughts on “Purpose on the Planet

  1. asuariam

    Your words touch my soul, which means you’ve found your POP. Because of you, I’m no longer afraid to serve my POP. Thank you. #NOTHINGMatters

      1. asuariam

        Are you able to see my site? What I say may not sound right, but my POP is to show the world that #NOTHINGMatters. It’s not what you think.

      2. No, I can’t see your site. But I find what you said quite interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ You have such a free attitude towards life. It’s true that we think too much rather than just be .

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