Different Shades of Blue

Have you ever paused for a moment and looked at the sky? Have you noticed that there are different shades of blue? 

When we lock ourselves in thinking, our worlds shrink into a small space. There is nothing out there besides the running thoughts. We all have been depressed once in a while. To become chronic depressed though, the mind is constantly locked up. When someone with depression wants to lift themselves out of the pit, chronic depression suppresses any feeling that comes up. It is the voice saying “Nothing you can do can change your life”. The more a person wants to get out of depression, the more struggle, the more pain will be caused. Pain comes from the resistance to the feelings.

To get out of this downward spiraling, one can pause and see the sky. Sometimes there are storms, but they will pass. It is always beautiful and blue despite of the storms. When we appreciate the sky in this way, we start to notice our own beauty. Nothing we can do to make our true nature less beautiful. And when we have a glimpse of this beauty, we know that we actually have the strength to get out of a pit and be free. 




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