Gratitude Game 

Imagine if we can switch all of the regrets, the “if only” thoughts in our mind to grateful thoughts, we will feel so much about our lives. I invite you to play this game today.

For example…
“If only I got another degree, I will get a better job” to “I am grateful that I am educated and I got a job.”
“If only I am more beautiful, he will love me more” to ” I am grateful for being me and I have enough to be lovable.”
“If only I am richer, my life quality will be better” to “I am happy that I am alive and healthy.”
“If only I can be smarter, I will be more successful like…” to “I am grateful for being me. No one can do this job more successfully than I do.”
“I will be happy if only I got a boyfriend/ husband” to “I am grateful that I am single and my options are open.”
“If only he could change, our relationship would be much better” to “I am grateful that he is being true to himself.”
If only my kid just does what I ask him to do, my life will be easier” to “I am grateful that my kid can think for himself.”

After playing this game for a while, I feel that everything has a brighter side. 🙂

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